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 Listen to Brian in the Kitchen each weekday at 8:10am. Brian in the Kitchen is brought to you by Stittsworth Meats of Bemidji. You can also search the Brian in the Kitchen recipe archives, dating back to 2007.

Brian began cooking in 1997 when a co-worker brought in a pot of chili to the radio station. He thought that he could make he tried to...and it was good! Of course, anything with Jack Daniels in it can't be bad!



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August 10 2018 "Eating Around The U.S. - The World-Famous Maine Lobster Roll"
August 9 2018 "Eating Around The U.S. - Cincinnati Chili"
August 8 2018 "Eating Around The U.S. - Pacific Northwest Grilled Salmon and Avocado Salad"
August 7 2018 "Eating Around The U.S. - Chicago-style Deep Dish Pizza"
August 6 2018 "Eating Around The U.S. - Cajun Crawfish Boil"

August 3 2018 "Side Dish as Main Dish: Stuffed Poblano Peppers with Black Beans and Cheese"
August 2 2018 "Side Dishes Fish: Quinoa Salad"
August 1 2018 "Side Dishes Chicken: Hasselback Garlic Butter Potatoes"
July 31 2018 "Side Dishes Pork: 3-Ingredient Garlicky Red Potatoes"
July 30 2018 "Side Dishes Beef: Herbed Smashed Cucumbers"

July 27 2018 "Smores Popcorn in a Pouch"
July 26 2018 "Glazed Pork in a Pouch"
July 25 2018 "Meatballs in a Pouch"
July 24 2018 "Jerk Chicken Wings in a Pouch"
July 23 2018 "Shrimp and Citrus in a Pouch"

July 20 2018 "Keep the Kitchen Cool - Ham and Mandarin Salad"
July 19 2018 "Keep the Kitchen Cool - Zesty Chicken Soft Tacos"
July 18 2018 "Keep the Kitchen Cool - Easy Gazpacho"
July 17 2018 "Keep the Kitchen Cool - Meat Lover’s Bread Salad"
July 16 2018 "Keep the Kitchen Cool - Turkey Pitas with Creamy Slaw"

July 13 2018 "Cooking With Beer - Chile-Rubbed Turkey"
July 12 2018 "Cooking With Beer - Fish and Chips with Malt Vinegar Mayonnaise"
July 11 2018 "Cooking With Beer - Man Buns"
July 10 2018 "Cooking With Beer - Beer Braised Brisket"
July 9 2018 "Cooking With Beer - Beer Battered Onion Rings"

July 6 2018 "4th of July Party - Grilled Pork Tenderloin With Corn on the Cob"
July 5 2018 "4th of July Party - Hamburger with Double Cheddar Cheese, Grilled Vidalia Onion and Horseradish Mustard"
July 4 2018 "4th of July Party - Open-Faced Tomato Grilled Cheese"
July 3 2018 "4th of July Party - Grilled Bacon-Wrapped Corn on the Cob"
July 2 2018 "4th of July Party - Crab Cake Sliders"