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November 8 2019

Military Cooking - Chipped Beef on Toast

4 oz butter
4 tbsp flour
1 cup milk
1 cup beef stock
3 oz package of chipped beef, cut into about 1 inch ribbons
2 slices of white bread
Black pepper to taste
Chives (optional)

Cut chipped beef into ribbons.

Over medium high heat, sear the beef for about 2 mins. Remove from the pan and put to the side. Toast 2 slices of white bread.

Sear until the edges start to curl.

In the same skillet as you seared the beef, melt the butter. Once melted, whisk in the flour a bit at a time, taking care not to let it clump. This is your roux.

Be sure to thoroughly incorporate the flour. No lumps!

Once the roux gets a bit bubbly (about five minutes), whisk in the milk and beef stock.

Be patient. It will thicken.

The sauce should thicken in 5-10 minutes. Add the beef to heat through and crack in 2-3 good grinds of black pepper.

One of the few times in cooking that you should not season with salt.

Plate the toast and pour the creamed chipped beef evenly over your “shingles.” Garnish with some finely chopped chives and enjoy with a fork and knife.