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October 13 2017

Campfire Steak - Ribeye

    1.5” Ribeye
    Sea Salt

In-season veggies, like:

    1/2” Cubed Squash
    Brussel Sprouts (cut in half)
    Red Onions split roughly in quarters
    Thyme, rosemary

Sprinkle sea salt over ribeye about 10 minutes before cooking.  Heat skillet over fire or camp stove until smokin’ hot (where water would skittle across the surface).  
Start by cooking ribeye on its side (the side that is 1.5” thick) for 2 minutes
Cook each side for 3 minutes, spooning any fat that renders out back over the ribeye.  
Once the steak has reached an internal temperature of 123 degrees, pull and let rest 5-10 minutes
Saute vegetables in the pan in the fat left over until golden brown